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Family Ads

What is a Family Ad?

Family Ads are a way to print a tribute to your kiddo in the back of the Memory Book. Only other Fifth Grade families receive this book, which contains an overview of their elementary school experience at Village View. This a way to celebrate your student's achievements, milestones, hobbies, and growth before they move on to middle school.

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How do I purchase an Ad?

Send cash or check (made out to Village View PTO) before February 16th. A full page costs $50 and a Half Page costs $25. Make sure you include your student's name along with your payment!

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How do I submit the Ad?

Click this link (Password: Dolphins4ever!) to upload your file. The final artwork needs to be print ready, meaning:

1. Your file is a .png or a .jpg so the Yearbook software can accept it.

2. High resolution (300+dpi)
3. Full Page is 7.75w x 10.5h"

4. Half Page is 7.75w x 5.25h"

5. Purchased prior to March 1st.

6. Uploaded prior to March 29th.

7. Send a printed copy of Ad to school.

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What can I include?

It depends on your style! You can feature sports, vacations, birthdays and family portraits, a collage of prior school pictures, poems, pets, etc., but make sure to feature a congratulatory note!


How do I make an Ad?

Etsy and Canva provide free or small cost templates to inspire you, while Photoshop, Publisher, and even PowerPoint can help you create your vision. You can also make a scrapbook page and scan it! Google "Senior Ads" or "Yearbook Tributes" to get more ideas. 

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Please send a printed copy of your Family Ad to your teacher with your name and email clearly written. This is to ensure every ad was properly uploaded and sized (or if not, there's a way for us to reach you to fix any issues.) Thank you!

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