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Let's document our year together!

Order your Yearbook

by May 31

Upload your pics 

by May 1, 2024 at midnight

Take the student survey

in April 2024

Submit Cover Art to office

by May 1, 2024

Hello Village View families,


This year, you can continually upload your photos as events happen throughout the year! All album links are on this page; remember, we can only publish images we collect via the below links, so please share your images to capture this year's memories.

Albums will close on May 1, 2024 at midnight so that Yearbookers can begin designing those pages. Unfortunately, we cannot accept any pictures for prior events after the due date, so don't wait until the last minute!

Note: all event albums which occur in May and June will close 3 days after the event occurs, so make sure to upload quickly!

If you have questions, please contact us at yearbookery at gmail dot com. Thank you!


Scroll down the page for links to events and classroom pages. Once you have clicked the album link, a new window will open which will ask you for a password (Village2024!) and allow you to upload images from the device you are using. Keep in mind: the password is case sensitive, without spaces, and includes an exclamation point.


The webpage will indicate a successful upload at the top of the window: "A yearbook album for: Village View - You have added __ photos. This is a shared album, but for privacy reasons, only the photos you upload in this session will be shown below."

***We highly encourage users to rename their files prior to uploading images so we know who is featured in the picture.***

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